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The Marston Lads

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Stoker First Class

Arthur Henry Bannister

Killed in Action
1st May 1915

Aged 23
The Cheshire Regiment & The Royal Navy

47 Wincham Lane
Before serving in the Royal Navy, Arthur Henry Bannister worked in the Salt Mines at Marston.

In 1909 he left Marston Salt works and enlisted with the 5th Battalion, The Cheshire Regiment and thus began his naval career and military service.

In the 1911 census, he is listed as being onboard the destroyer HMS Conflict.

In 1914 and the outbreak of WW1, Arthur was onboard HMS Pathfinder engaged in naval battle when she was sunk, torpedoed by U-21 commanded by Otto Hersing, off St. Abbs Head, Berwickshire, Scotland. Arthur survived.

'HMS Pathfinder'

Arthur then joined HMS Recruit as a First Class Stoker. HMS Recruit was assigned to the Nore Local Defence Flotilla. Her duties included anti-submarine and counter mining patrols in the Thames Estuary.

On 1 May 1915, HMS Recruit was patrolling with her sister ship HMS Brazen in the southern North Sea, 30 miles
south-west of the Galloper Lightvessel off the Thames Estuary, when she was struck by a single
torpedo fired by the German submarine UB-6. HMS Recruit broke in two and sank quickly with the loss
of 39 men. Arthur Bannister was one of the 39 that died. 4 officers and 22 crewmen were rescued.

The Royal Navy search for this submarine resulted in the Battle off Noordhinder Bank, in which two German
torpedo boats were sunk.

'HMS Recruit'

Dedication to Arthur Henry Bannister from the family grave

Great Budworth Cemetery


Arthur's body was never recovered and remains with his ship.

He is remembered with Honour on the Chatham Naval Memorial.


Left: Chatham Naval Memorial.
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